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Antique Store update: The roundabout on 76th is finally complete! We can be accessed from the Seward Highway and Old Seward.


February 20, 2019 Online only - FUR RONDY KICK OFF
Online Only

First online Fur Rondy Auction! This auction contains an Estate collection of hundreds of Fur Rondy and Iditarod pins; original art by Goodale and prints by Machetanz, Van Zyle, Doolittle, and more; ivory carvings by Michael Scott, Leonard Savage, Denis Pungowiyi, and others; hand guns; rifles; coins; St. Lawrence Island artifacts; semi-precious gems; ivory and baleen art, carvings and jewelry; fur coats, fur mittens, and parkas; baleen and ivory boats; whale's teeth with scrimshaw; jade, antler, and bone carvings; assorted Alaskana; head mounts; baleen, birch, and grass baskets; household items, furniture, and glassware; and much more!!!!!

February 21, 2019 LIVE - FUR RONDY
Live and Online

Live Fur Rondy Auction! This auction contains original oil paintings by Dr. Vernon Cates, Joan Kickbush; signed prints by Fred Machetanz, Charles Gause and others; ink on seal skin by Robert Mayokok and Judy Pelowook; ivory ships by Arnold Lyakitan and Michael Scott; ivory carvings and scrimshaw by Michael Scott, Sylvester Ayek, Dennis Pungowiyi, Carson Sockpick, and others; high end jewelry; whale's teeth; baleen and grass baskets; phenomenal bone and soapstone carvings; baleen and ivory ships; vintage cameras and equipment; walrus head mounts; pelts; and much, much more!!!


February 26, 2019 - ONLINE only Fur Rondy
Online Only

First online Iditarod Auction! This auction contains wonderful baleen baskets; ivory carvings and scrimshaw done by the Mayacs, Al Kalokie, Pelowook and others; Alaskan Native art; dolls; bone masks and carved hunters; beautiful ivory necklaces and jewelry; fossilized and white ivory, walrus tusks; head mounts; ancient native gambling pieces; Iditarod and Fur Rondy and Iditarod pins and buttons; coins; household items; long guns, hand guns, and ammo; and much more!

February 27, 2019 - ONLINE only Fur Rondy
Online Only

Second online Iditarod Auction! This auction contains Fur Rondy/Iditarod memorabilia; St. Lawrence Island artifacts; ivory art by artists such as Dennis Pungowiyi, Leonard Savage, Michael Scott; knives; silver American and foreign coins; incredibly tiny ivory skeletons; massive gemstones and semi-precious stones; antiques; sharks and whale's teeth; dolls; wood decoys; baskets; walrus head mounts; fur collars, hats, and mittens; large standing totems; tanned pelts and hides; coins; and much more.

February 28, 2019 - Live Fur Rondy
Live and Online

Live Iditarod Auction! This auction contains collectible art, including prints and rare artist's proofs by Charles AND Joyce Gause, Fred Machetanz, Scott McDaniel, Annette Hartzell and more; originals by Goodale, Walluk, and Henne; walrus head mounts with scrimshaw and relief carvings; huge collection of ivory artifacts, carvings, and tusks; wood, antler, and bone carvings; Alaskana Native artwork by Dennis Pungowiyi, Michael Scott, Ethel Washington doll, Roger Silook etc, carvings, and masks; fur coats and hats; baleen strips and baleen baskets; animal pelts; whale's teeth; pen and ink on skin by Melowuktuk; and much more!

March 13, 2019
Online Only

UHAUL storage units; camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking gear; mountaineer items; trailers; fuel systems; skis and boots; outdoor gear; shovels and pick axes; antiques; jewelry; artwork; ivory carvings; trailers; household items; furniture; jewelry; stones and raw minerals; guns; ammo; coins; gold nuggets; Native dolls and masks; and much more!

March 14, 2019
Online Only

Wonderful collection of Alaskan made grass baskets, birch baskets, and baleen baskets; large selection of beautiful ivory carvings with scrimshaw; fossilized walrus tusks and head mounts; spirit masks; bone and antler sculptures; jade carvings and jewelry; ammunition; knives; defense tools; jewelry; ceramic and clay pottery; fossils and rock specimen; misc. household goods including dishware, glassware, silverware, etc.; and much more!


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