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Alaska Auction Company is your full service & oldest auction house serving Alaska statewide.
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Why Sell At Auction

Sell Quickly

By selling at auction, your property is typically sold in 90 days or less. By setting the date of the sale it helps expedite the sales process by creating a sense of urgency.

When using traditional methods, the property can remain unsold for months or even years causing you to incur significant expenses such as interest, taxes, utilities, insurance and maintenance.

Close Quickly

By selling at auction, there are no contingencies to prevent a property from closing.

With traditional sales, many times there are contingencies attached to the sale such as the buyer selling their home or getting financing. This can not only hold up closing on the property but can keep it off the market and not close at all causing you to endure the entire sales process again.


By selling at auction, you control when the property will be sold by setting the date of the sale as well as the terms and conditions. Potential buyers are aware of the selling date and the terms in advance avoiding the nuisance of negotiating with disingenuous buyers.


By having a shorter sales period and marketing your property alone for the sale, we are able to give your property maximum exposure through creative marketing. We target the buyers that would be most interested in your property.

When selling in the traditional manner, a listing agent usually has several listings to market and many properties are neglected with only MLS as a marketing tool.

Fair Market Value

By selling at auction, you don't risk asking too much or too little for a property. It can be difficult to get a true market value on some properties as there may not be any comparables to consider.

When selling in the traditional manner, sellers are often encouraged by their agent to reduce the asking price to gain interest. The seller also risks pricing the property too high sending potential buyers elsewhere or pricing the property too low and selling the property for less than it is worth.

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